These wooden toy fruits are so pure and truthful in their design that your child can really draw on its imagination and ability to think creatively. Put this pack of fruits in your child’s play kitchen or play shop and café and watch your little food lover come up with delicious fresh cut fruit and luxurious fruit salads. Aside from encouraging healthy eating, you also further your child’s hand-eye coordination and help your child develop strong language skills. When you’re done pronouncing the words banana, apple, and strawberry, try practicing new words like “juicy”, “organic”, or “scrumptious.”

Develop your child’s:

• Imagination and creativity
• Healthy eating habits
• Language and communication skills
• Hand-eye coordination
• Fine motor skills

DimensionsB 15 cm H 6.8 cm L 19 cm
Material: Solid Birch Wood Birch Plywood
Care instructions: Wash with damp cloth

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