Car Track Accessories


The perfect addition to your child’s toy cars is this group of miniature trees, bushes, traffic cones, and road signs. You little driver can use these artifacts to pretend, for instance, that there’s road work ahead, or that there’s a nice, green picnic area by the next exit. It’s all about the imagination! With Accessories for Car Tracks, your little one learns to decode icons and what they stand for – information that will come in handy for your child many times in the future. It’s a fun and educational way of introducing your child to basic traffic rules. Develop your child’s: • Imagination • Language and communication skills • Fine motor skills • Hand-eye coordination • Spatial awareness Trees: 9 cm., Bushes: 4,5 cm., Cones: 5 cm., Signs: 4 cm.

DimensionsB 4.9 cm L 9.3 cm
MaterialBirch Plywood

Care instructions: Wash with damp cloth

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