Upcycling is a growing trend!

We have found our inner creativity and made some fun yet functional ways you can upcycle the old pacifiers your child doesn't use anymore.

To put it short, it’s all about taking old objects and adding your own creativity and craft to make them something new, unique, and useable. It is an innovative way for anyone to reduce waste anywhere at any time. You can be as creative as you want to be! The materials, methods, and use of upcycled items are completely up to you and there are no limitations to what you can make.

As we recommend you to replace your child’s pacifiers every 4-6 weeks, rather quickly you will have a lot of old pacifiers lying around your child doesn't use anymore.

Remember that the pacifiers you upcycle cannot be used by the child again. And if you make an upcycling project involving batteries (like a light chain) keep it away from your child since batteries can be dangerous if swallowed.

Baby hanging mobile

Baby hanging mobile made of our sweet butterfly-shaped Couture pacifiers.

Light chain

Light chain made with our De Lux silicone pacifiers


Refrigerator magnets

Refrigerator magnets made with our Colour pacifiers

We encourage you to be creative! You can try some of these fun upcycling projects, or find your own ways to upcycle your child's old pacifiers.

We would absolutely love to see your fun and creative upcycling projects, so please tag us at @theofficialbibs on your favorite social media.