We take the safety of our products and your family very seriously. All of our products are made using the highest quality materials available - we use certified non-toxic, BPA-free silicone and natural chemical-free beech wood for our jewellery, teething toys & accessories. Our products are made to comply with the relevant mandatory safety standards & we conduct testing to ensure that they do in fact meet these standards. All of our products have been independently safety certified to Australian toy standards/dummy clip standards by third party independent testing. This means we have sent them to a laboratory that runs independently to our business and have them test the products for us to ensure that they meet the requirements for size, strength, chemical composition & durability amongst other things.


Silicone Bib cleaning: simply rinse with warm water & dish soap and leave to air dry! If you’re out & about, a baby wipe or cloth will also do the trick.


Suction bowl/plate:

  • Suction will not work on uneven or damaged surfaces. Wooden tables that aren’t smooth, or plastic high chairs that have scratches/dents won’t hold the bowl in place - although it will still look very pretty!
  • To get the best suction attachment, slightly dampen the base of the bowl & the surface you wish to attach it to with a damp cloth. Press from the inside of the bowl out to ensure the whole suction base is in contact with the table, without any air pockets.
  • Bowl/plate is dishwasher safe, spoon/fork must be hand washed due to the wooden handle. Washing the spoon in the dishwasher will drastically reduce it’s lifespan.