Birthday Cake


With this wooden Birthday Cake, your little one can engage in various kinds of role play. One day, your child might pretend to be a confectioner who perfectly masters the pincer grasp. The next day, your child dreams up a festive birthday party and starts rehearsing traditions such as birthday-singing, clapping hands, and gift-exchanging. The Birthday Cake includes six slices of cake with frosting, candles, meringue tops, and strawberries. This durable and timeless toy is made to last through years of celebrations. Just perfect for a birthday present too! Develops your child’s: • Fine motor skills • Social skills • Empathy and integrity • Imagination and creative mindset • Language and communication skills

DimensionsB 20 cm H 10 cm

Material: Solid Birch Wood Birch Plywood
Care instructions: Wash with damp cloth

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