Grace and Maggie

Baby Driver/Earl Playmat- Large



Searching for the best activity play mat? Our grey baby play mat is the perfect mix of softness, and style. Shop our entire range of play mats online and contact our team with questions.

High-Quality & Super-Soft Materials

Our grey baby play mat is an unbeatable combination of our two bestsellers! On one side, you’ll find our road and train track design, perfect for playtime with toy cars.

On the other side, you’ll find our subtle signature geometric pattern. If you’re searching for a grey baby play mat to perfectly complement your interior style, then this is the perfect choice.

You’ll enjoy double the fun when you shop this mat! With this level of versatility and quality, you can expect this mat to last for years to come.

If you’re searching for the best padded play mat in Australia, then the Grace & Maggie collection is the perfect choice.

The Perfect Choice For Playtime

Grace & Maggie products are designed to support growing little ones at a time of important development. All of our play mats are made with carefully selected materials and with true attention to detail.

Our waterproof play mats are the ideal mix of style, and comfort. They're soft, hypoallergenic surfaces provide the perfect support for crawling, growing and tummy time.

And with a generous 2 x 1.4 m size, this grey baby play mat is certainly big enough for playtime.

A new combination from two of our best sellers! The Baby Driver: Earl ticks all the boxes for the most stylish of play spaces.

On Side A you'll find our signature geometric pattern in a neutral dark grey with a light grey pattern. The art-deco colour combination will provide a chic finishing touch to any designer nursery, or complement a contemporary living space.

Playmat Size:

Large: 2000mmx1400mmx15mm

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