Grace and Maggie

Archie / Retro Playmat, Round


Diameter x140cm x1.5cm

Instantly transform your play space with our brand new Archie Retro Playmat. 

Archie: On side A you’ll find a cream neutral arch print, with a distressed texture that’ll make you feel like you’re admiring a plush area rug! There’s no need to sacrifice style over function with Archie! This mat provides a subtlety that will suit any play or living space 

Retro:   On Side B you’ll find a fun mid-century mod inspired design with warmer tones that’s oh so cool. You'll be taken straight back in time with a vibe that’ll suit any style space, from modern to bohemian and anything in between.  

* Please note, the colours pictured may appear darker in photographs and may depend on the device. 

About our Mats:

Made from next-generation, thick non-toxic TPU foam material, our playmats have been extensively tested to ensure they surpass International Toy Safety Standards. Our products have been extensively reviewed and earmarked as the safest playmat of its type available.  

  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Free of latex, BPA, or PVC
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof
  • Non-flammable

Due to the natural properties of TPU foam, these play mats will discolour in time. Lighter colours will develop a beige or yellowing undertone and this is not a product fault, but a characteristic of the materials. Unfortunately we are unable to provide a replacement due to the product discolouring and this will not impact the use of the play mat. 

Playmat Care Instructions:

Wipe clean with a damp cloth or gentle baby wipe. Avoid sharp objects, direct sunlight, strong abrasive cleaning products, bleach and heat sources. Avoid placing heavy furniture on your play mat, as some indentations may not recover. 

Our products are made from biodegradable materials and haven't been preserved with harsh chemicals. For this reason, particularly the lighter tone mats may present with slight discolouration (yellowing) over time.    We pride ourselves on the sustainability of our products, however, want to ensure that the buyer is made aware of this pre-purchase as it is not a fault but a characteristic of the play mat. 

Round Diameter 1400mmx 15mm  thick. 

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