Apron, Blush


Suitable for ages 3-6years.

Is your little one starting to get into the kitchen or the paint brush? Make sure they are keeping clean with our brand new waterproof and washable aprons.

The pouch on front allows quick and easy hiding of snacks! While the soft scrunchie-style elastic neck strap allows easy slipping on and off while the rear strap adjusts and fastens quickly and easily. Note: some materials will stain the fabric.

How to Clean:

It’s easy! After each use just hang and allow to drip dry in a shady location. For muddy items needing a bit more TLC, pop in the washing machine at a safe temperature of 30 degrees. Do not use the dryer please!


Rainkoat use the highest quality polyurethane shell for each garment exterior to keep the wearer nice and dry, but we don’t stop there. A garment just isn’t as water resistant as it can be unless the seams are also heat welded and sealed against cheeky raindrops looking for somewhere land (so we’ve gone ahead and done that too). For our garments that have a lining, this is either 100% natural cotton, or a fleece lining (the perfect go to for cooler climates and snowy weather).

Sustainability Promise: 

Rainkoat have a goal to continuously work towards reducing our carbon footprint and being as sustainable as possible in our business. Some practices we currently use include eco-friendly packaging and delivery methods (our shipping materials are actually compostable and make yummy worm food). We also use swing tags from non-plastic materials and encourage the wearer to be conscious too - by handing down their Rainkoat garment once they have outgrown it. We even stitch in a special name label for the original and next owner!

100% Waterproof:

The RAINKOAT range is crafted in the highest quality, so each piece provides value and longevity to the wearer. For instance, we use heat sealed seams (instead of stitched seams), meaning each garment is completely waterproof and highly durable!

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